In the future, don’t be surprised if your car dashboard runs Android. This allows your car to run the same apps as your hand-carried phone. Android in a car allows you make phone calls, play music, GPS navigation, traffic updates, car diagnostic with parts replacement suggestions, parts price comparison, and service center closest to you. The possibilities are endless. Your kitchen refrigerator could also have a potential of running Android for instant recipe, phone calls, clock, appointment calendar, reminders, weather, and local traffic updates. Here is a video on how price comparison works.

iPhone’s hardware and software developments are done by one company, Apple. However, Android’s hardware development is done by many different companies from all over the world with famous brand name such as Motorola, Sony, Samsung, Dell, LG, HTC, Acer, etc. Android software development comes from three different path, that is from Google, various cellphone manufacturers, and the Open Source community. Openness and competition within Android manufacturers alone (let alone with others) will propel Android in a very big way. New evidence of this here. It will be so big that it would be impossible for us to keep-up and update this web site in 1 or 2 years from now.

Common questions:

1. Chances are you have seen or heard of Android phone from various companies. Example, the DROID phone from Motorola available through Verizon is a phone running Google’s Android. Same with T-Mobile’s ‘MyTouch with Google’ or their G1 phone. Some of these phones are “pushed” (advertised) by the phone carrier while others only by the phone manufacturer, and some by both. However the big problem is that none of these companies even mentioned the word “ANDROID”.

Why? Because they don’t want you to know that these phone are equally capable, and can run the same apps. They don’t want you to buy an Android phone from another manufacturer, or switch to another carrier. Essentially they don’t want to provide free advertisement for other Android phones.

2. Google never advertised any of their products. They have never advertised on TV, magazine, or newspaper. Google’s search engine, Gmail, Google Map, Google Earth, Google Docs, etc., all came to be popular by the word of mouth. Starting in 2010 Google begin to advertise their HTC Nexus One Android phone on the web.

There are many reasons why Google’s Android phones are better than iPhone or any other “Smartphones” on the planet.

One main reason can be simplify in just one word:  CHOICES !

Imagine a phone that is as capable and better than the iPhone but without the monopoly of one company, Apple. That is what Android is all about. The ability to run tens of thousands of apps just like the iPhone but with choice of phone models that you can choose from. The choice of with or without physical keyboard, shape, color, phone size, screen size, manufacturer, features, and phone carrier. No more monopoly by one company on one carrier. Choices drive competition. The competition within Android phone manufacturers itself will inevitably make Android phones even better than what it is today, and in a short period of time. Just take a look at the Android’s historical timeline and news event page on how fast events are rapidly unfolding and how Android phones are evolving.

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Click here for the number of Android phones on all 4 main U.S. phone carriers.


Here is a good must see video showing what Android is all about. Android allow developers/programmers to develop apps (applications) in what is known as "application without borders". Keep in mind that this video was made even before the first Android phone was release back in 2008, and it was still using the first version of Android. This short 3 minute video gives you a very good overview of Android’s potential:

Simply an Operating System (OS) created by Google to run on any small electronic devices such as cellphones, e-books, Media Internet Devices (MID), netbooks, Internet tablets, and many others devices in the future. An OS is similar to Windows that controls your desktop or laptop personal computers. Google fully developed Android and make it into an Open Source. Now, any phone manufacturer can use Android without expensive license fee from Google. Because it is Open, manufacturer can modify Android without restriction, allowing it to fit the device they are making - total freedom. This makes it a big incentive for any device manufacturers to adopt Android. The ability to run tens of thousands of apps is another big incentive.

Why Google’s Android phones are better than the iPhone?

What can Android do?

How come I have never heard of Android?

What is Android?

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Video on the Android Open Source Project.

Video on why Android was created.

Why Google’s Android phones are better than the iPhone?

How come I have never heard of Android?

What is an Android phone?

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Why Android?

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Our prediction in 2008 about Android in cars is now becoming a reality barely 2 years later, March 2010. Picture here.