Sample of Android devices

(Android on kitchen appliance and robot control):


January 7, 2010.

Above are prototype (proof of concept) showing kitchen appliances (microwave oven and washing machine) controlled by Android!

Touch Revolution is a company that offers a touch-screen technology that uses Android operating system in it. Touch Module NIM1000 enable appliance manufacturers to use touch screen system with Android OS based. This allow appliance manufacturer to build a sophisticated touch panel interface and specialized control applications software much cheaper than for manufacturer to design it on their own from scratch.

In addition to appliance control, Android operating system could also be connected to the net via 3G cellular network or Wi-Fi connection. This enable the screen panel to also browse the web, check for traffic condition, lookup recipes, weather reports, news, run thousands of Android apps or simply allow you to make phone calls.

Here is another proof of concept by Touch Revolution, a desktop home or office phone running Android. Large screen allow easier on the eye when viewing calendar, contact info, and e-mail. It would also be ideal for video conferencing.

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This desktop hobby robot released by Akazawa of Japan. Using an Android app for a sophisticated motion-based control via a bluetooth connection from your Android cellphone. Motion include a series of complex built-in posses and actions, including skateboarding, picking up a ball and kicking it, and its ability to stand-up by itself from a lying down position.

January 17, 2010.

Android (humanoid robot) being controlled by another Android, an Android running cellphone.

A three minute video showing basic robot movement controlled by an Android apps running on HTC Magic (myTouch 3G) Android cellphone.

A 27-second video showing robot picking up a ball and kicking it.

A 2-minute video showing the robot skating and getting up by itself from a lying down position.

Note that this video has NO sound and comes with Japanese subtitles.

January 11, 2009

Another remote control demo.

Here is a long 3 minute video showing a first generation Android phone (an old G1) served as keyboard and mouse to a laptop. In January 2009, there was only one model of the Android phone. Now there are other apps that can do the same thing, perhaps better.

April 5, 2010.

World’s First Android TV.

A company in Sweden called “People of Lava” announced the World’s First HDTV that runs on the Android operation system. The first model introduced is a 42-inch full high-definition 1080p LED-backlit screen. This will be followed by 47 and 55-inch models.

The use of Android on HDTV is a smart move, because Android is a fully functional OS design for devices, it is free, and the most important thing, it is all about the Internet.

What better way to have a sophisticated apps control your TV? Perhaps you can even write you own apps to do things the way you want it like how channels should be displayed, what should be on the main menu, etc. Android will make all this possible.

The Internet connectivity will allow you to access to Netflix (Android apps being developed at this writing) movie rentals, Hulu, YouTube, and others to be streamed directly to your TV. While the movie is playing, you can have several other windows open like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and Skype. Remember, Android can multitasked, so all these apps can run simultaneously. Imagine programing the TV to receive a video phone calls and answering the call directly from the TV. Perhaps the TV can be programmed to record whatever you are watching automatically the second you received an incoming call. The open source nature of Android allow anyone with programming background the flexibility to customized this TV to suit your personal taste. With Android powered device, the possibilities are endless.

The company will initially release this HDTV to the European market starting September 2010.

March 18, 2010

World’s First Android Car.

The first car to be equipped with Google’s Android operating system is now in production by a Chinese auto manufacturer, SAIC (Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation). The car is called Roewe 350, and it is scheduled to be launch at the Beijing Auto Show. It is targeted to hit the street by April 23, 2010.

Roewe vehicles are luxury cars made by SAIC using technology purchased from British company MG Rover, which has been owned by BMW in the past.

The on-board Android will run the latest  2.1 version. Android in the car allows driver or front-seat passenger to get GPS directions, live traffic updates, surf the web, and run tens of thousands Android apps that are currently available.

It is still unclear at this point if the Android implemented here has any access control to some of the on-board electronics such as the climate control system, security system, ignition system, or diagnosis system of the car, just like how we at had envisioned the future of Android when we first started this web site a few years ago.

March 8, 2010.

Google has teamed up Intel, Sony, and Logitech to create an open standard for the cable and satellite TV set-top boxes to run Android. It is reported that testing is already underway in conjunction with the Dish Network, a satellite TV content provider.

This allow viewers to use Android powered TV set-top boxes to search the satellite TV content plus other Internet based content such as YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, etc. with the help of a keyboard. This allow consumer to enjoy videos from both satellite TV and the Internet on their High Definition TV screen.

This hopefully provide similar functionality to those who does not own a HDTV that runs on Android.

April 15, 2010

Just 10 days after the first Android HDTV was announced by Sweden, a second Android running HDTV made by GPNC emerged from Korea. Similar to the above it is a 42” LCD unit with LED backlit screen. Also available in 47” and 55” model. Runs on Android 1.5 and powered by an 833 MHz ARM Cortex A8 processor. Just like the Swedish model, this model also comes in with USB, HDMI, with support for both ATSC (HDTV) and the older analog NTSC system.

No word on pricing. It will initially be introduced to 10 countries first, which include Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Netherland, Poland, Australia, and Dubai.

Not sure how the ATSC part will work in these countries as most European nations use DVB-T for their HDTV standard. ATSC is a U.S. HDTV standard.

April 27, 2010.

Android powered Rubik's cube solver robot.

This an advertisement from the ARM company, one of the several different processors being used on the Android cellphones. The demonstration (1.5 minutes) shows the Motorola DROID (Verizon U.S.), similar to Motorla Milestone (GSM network world-wide.)