What is an e-book (electronic book)?  What is the Kindle?

A small, light, and thin electronic device that lets you read books, magazines, newspapers, or articles using an electronic ink (e-ink) display technology that looks just like paper, making it much easier on the eye than reading it on a regular computer or laptop screen. If you tired of reading, Kindle can literally read it to you out-loud using its built-in text-to-speech synthesizer. Truely an amazing device.

The video below shows you some of the features in action. The video will look better when you start playing it:

Above demo video was for the original first generation Kindle but it is better at explaining Kindle’s features. Click below for a video demo of the more current second generation Kindle2 and the larger screen Kindle DX:

Kindle is NOT an Android device. It runs on a proprietary Linux based OS.

Thickness: 1/3” or 9 mm.

Weight: 10 oz.

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A good complement to the Kindle is this Fujitsu document scanner.

The Fujitsu S300 portable document scanner:

Click here to see to various other models of this Fujitsu document scanner. All of them have excellent customer’s ratings.

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