This is a long 7 minutes video demonstrating Google’s new turn-by-turn GPS navigation with Street View photos overlay over live GPS data.  Voice recognition allows you to simply say “Navigate to the museum with the King Tut exhibit in San Francisco”, and this FREE Android app will figure it out for you. No specific address needed. This app works only on Android 1.6 or above. Video was demonstrated on a Motorola DROID (on Verizon network) on October 27, 2009.

A collection of Android best new short videos:

A 1.5 minutes video showing a very cool animated user interface of a high resolution (4", 854×480 pixels) screen on an upcoming Sony-Ericsson Xperia X10 "Rachael". This will be Sony’s first Android phone. Rumored to be release on Feb 10, 2010. Video is dated July 8, 2009:

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A 24 second video demo of Google Goggles, a visual search application that lets users get search results from picture taken from their Android phone. It is now limited to visual search of over a billion images of landmark, book, artwork, places, wine, and logo.


A 2 minute YouTube video commercial of the HTC’s Google Nexus One Android phone announced and made available on January 5, 2010.

Click here for additional Nexus One videos. It is a good playlist of 10 videos showing what the latest Android phone can do. It is also a good introduction to those who just purchased the Nexus One.

Click here for Android best classic videos from 2008

The Weather Channel offers an innovative way for Android phone users to download their app while watching TV. Not only just that, but to download the app indirectly from the TV! Here is a 48 second video from February  3, 2010:

Don’t understand what you are watching? The Weather Channel simply display a QR code (what appear to be some random pattern in a box). Android cellphone user simply scan the code directly off the TV screen to get the Weather Channel apps install on their phone (via wireless connection). Here is a much better video that shows how this works.

Swype on Android. Swype is an alternative keyboard that allows you to swipe through the letters of a word rather than typing them one-by-one. This is a much more efficient way to use the virtual on-screen keyboard. A 1 minute 37 second video made on February 3, 2010:

Despite what Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple claimed, Flash technology works great on mobile devices like the Android. Its importance should NOT be under estimated. Here is a 6.5 minutes video posted on May 9, 2010 showing why Flash technology is important in order to enjoy a full and complete web experience: